Hi there! I'm so excited that you're interested in working with me! I love working in projects with people who share the same passion for creativity as I do, and where we can work together to create something truly special and made to last.




First step of the process is to discover what your project is all about: what is your project about, what are your needs for that project, who is your audience and how can I help you get your project from where it is to where you want it to be. We will go through an in-depth discovery phase and work together to put everything on the table so we're both on the same page.



During our second phase we will take everything we discovered about you and your project and create a strategy, defining even more what direction your project will go in, pinpointing even more your audience with individual examples of ideal clients to help you recognise them time and time again - one of my favorite parts of the strategy! - as well as a first insight into your brand visuals.

These aren't definitive, rather sort of like a test out to see if we both still on the same page on a technical and stylistic aspect before moving on to the development phase.

Download the example strategy!



The most exciting phase! It's time to take all the feedback we gathered on the first two stages and to sit down to develop your project for you. I'll come up with the best concept for your project and fully develop it, showing you not only the logo, but how all your different design aspects would come together and how they'd look like across different environments (print, digital, packaging, etc).

Download the example development!



Last part of our work together is to refine/tweak any minor details if you see need fit and the final handling of all the files created for you during our time together as well as a final walkthrough/presentation of what was created and how everything works out so you're ready to go enjoy your finished product!


PRICE 1.700 - 2.000€


Let's focus on defining - or redefining - your brand! Who you are, what you do and how you come across on the internet, I want to help give your brand a voice and make sure you get something that's long lasting, true to your vision and custom-made. 

Includes: Branding Strategy, Branding Development: Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Favicon, Submark(s), Color Palettes, Typefaces, Digital and Print Environment Mockups. Includes six-month free support in case you have any questions on how to use a file or a file got lost.



Nicely tie in your brand with a website that will make everything feel cohesive. We'll go over what kind of website do you need to convey your message and how to map it to get you there.

Includes: Branding Strategy and Branding Development: Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Favicon, Submark(s), Color Palettes, Typefaces, Digital and Print Environment Mockups, Squarespace Setup, Squarespace Design + Custom CSS. Includes six-month free support in case you have any questions on how to use a file or a file got lost. 



These are things that aren't generally included in every package but that you might request if your specific project or what you have in mind requires more assets. These could be business cards, icons, simple illustrations, social media banners — not graphics! — print and packaging, product design, custom lettering etc.

* all project packages include asana setup and on-boarding! if you haven't heard of asana, it is a free productivity and file-management tool through which we'll tick off all items on our to-do list, as well as a place where i'll be uploading all files so you can quickly access them from one place.




If you have a custom stand-alone project that doesn't fit any of the above packages you can inquire for custom design, lettering or illustration for whatever you need!

Since depending on the volume of work you might need done please reach out to me with sufficient time so we can figure out what schedule to work with as well as what your budget is.

To inquire please send in an email using the form below and let me know all about your project in as much detail as you can: what your project is about, who you are and how I can help you. Please keep in mind that I can only take on so many projects per month so the earlier you send in your inquiry the more chance I have to schedule you early on! For any other questions, send me an email at