Noor. The Beginning

sieleth: noor — the beginning

Noor. Arabic: Light, The Light.

Hello lovelies, happy april! Hope everyone who celebrated spent a lovely easter! I've been away all month of march challenging myself to detox from social media and create intention in the online interactions I make - less of following for the sake of following, more of making real connections with the people I meet and talk to online, and while it was really nice while I was away, I was itching to get my hands dirty and make something again.

Now that I've reopened my services and am booking projects all the way until june - check my portfolio here -, I figured that it would be nice if, instead of the usual daily logo challenge I was working on, I brought you behind the scenes with me to tag along as I work on a single personal project from conception to development!

Thus, let's meet Noor.

Noor is a skincare brand deeply nested in the Mediterranean, that focuses on creating an all-natural, lightweight and almost spiritual skincare experience. It combines new technologies and the power of nature to bring you skincare that focuses on repairing and nourishing your skin.

Over the course of this week and the next one, I will be sharing with you how this brand evolves through each step of my process so you can see how I tackle this project! How does that sound? :)

Picture Credit: Julian Paul