Neue Markt

sieleth: neue markt


Hello! Happy Monday, how's everyone doing today? I know it's been a while since I did one of these, but I came across this picture whilst researching inspiration for a project I'm working on and it's been calling my name ever since, so much so that I finally decided to do something about it!

Neue Markt, like the name hopefully correctly implies, stands for New Market, an imaginary pop-up shop that sells trendy pieces of foreign fashion from all across the world. I imagine this would be the go-to place for people who don't like to stick to one style, specially those countries that have a somewhat cohesive sense of style, so this is for the adventurers who aren't willing to conform!

I think, one of the things I liked the most about doing this, was that the name was heavily inspired by the neue that accompanies some of the grotesques in my type collection, yet I went with the comfort-tier of the geometrics with Futura. I love including little easter eggs like that in my work, and I really like how this one came out! What do you think? Let me know! 

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Picture Credit: Vlad Sargu