Moving Upwards

sieleth: moving upwards

Picture Credit: Grillot Edouard

Hello my lovelies! Long long time, no see! I missed you so much! This year has been, undoubtedly, the craziest year I've had in a while, and I'm a mess of emotions trying to find their way into words again the way I used to. I have so much to share, so many words and thoughts to put into paper, so many stories to tell! It'll take some time, to catch up.

As you can see, somethings have changed...quite a lot, whilst others are more or less looking like they did before I left, I won't dare to call it spring cleaning, but this definitely falls under the seasonal-cleaning category. I hope you like the new website! I really worked so so hard to have it finished by today!

Remember when I told you earlier this year that this was my year of growth? Well, part of that growth comes in the form of moving upwards...moving upwards with my creative studio, moving upwards with my blog, moving upwards with my dreams and aspirations in life.

I've already moved upwards quite a lot if you think of it, those few of you who got to see my very very first iteration of this blog - good god the graphics, so bad! - will agree with me that we've definitely gone up. Who would've ever thought that what started back in 2015 as a gratitude blog would be now an outlet to help me pursue my biggest passion and dream job?

I've also done a lot of moving upwards as a person; for starters, the person I was back in 2015 would've never dared to go alone to Tokyo, she also probably wouldn't have dared to pursue her dream of being a freelance designer and running her own design studio.

In fact, if the old me could've taken a look at everything I've done in the last seven months, she probably would've ran screaming loudly "scary, scary, scary!." Seriously.

But here we are nonetheless, another floor above from where we were a couple of months ago, I hope we can continue to move upwards together for a long time, thank you so so much for sticking with me through all these years, you guys truly are the super troopers.

See you on the next post!

- Alejandra