My Korean Skincare Holy Grail (And Other Favorites)

sieleth: my korean skincare holy grail (and other favorites)

Hello lovelies! Happy Wednesday! Hope you're all having a great week so far! I'm still on post-relaunch cloud nine, so I'm definitely not one to be complaining right now! If anything, I'm feeling re-energized and itching to create create create c:

One of the ways I want to create more? Writing! I've been desperately craving to get back to writing again, there's definitely something in writing that both soothes my soul and gets my creative juices flowing, plus, writing these blogpost inherently mean trying to take my own pictures and I've been trying to get (better) into photography, so it's a skill I should take on!

But anyways, I didn't open up this entry to write about how much I want to get back to writing, and you definitely didn't come here to read all about that either. We can leave that for another entry because today we're talking about monthly favorites, and not just any monthly favorites, but my korean skincare holy grail products that I've been obsessed with this last month, and then also some more recent favorites of the days in between august and this post.


Matoka Planner


Let's start with one of my recent long-time favorites; my Matoka Couleurs Planner! I bought this at LoFt in Shibuya and was struggling between the Starry Skies Planner in Navy Blue and this Ivory x Pink one, but I'm really glad with the one I got! As a somewhat avid user of the bullet journal, this was definitely something to get used to. I haven't had planners with timeline for scheduling in my hours probably since high school so if you were to take a look at mine you'd see that the first few spreads I'd only fill in a day or two and totally forget about it, but now I'm starting to really get the hang of it and I love it!

I love the vertical timeline, so I can see better all my appointments in time, and then the right side of the spread I'll use it to fill in the non-time-dependant schedules (take meds, walk the dog, make the bed, etc). I've also incorporated my dotted habit tracker into this, so, for example, my three habits for this year are a.- to get consistent with my medicines, b.- to create more often and c.- to practice korean and/or japanese; so, I'll draw three circles next to the date and I'll fill in those circles depending on which habits I've practiced at the end of the day!

LoFt Shibuya: 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan.




Lord! If these aren't the prettiest things ever! I haven't worn them outside yet but just staring at them makes me feel already 700x times more cool and like I've got my stuff together, they also double as a great statement piece of home decor, definitely anyone who comes to your place will think you're the coolest thing on this planet with one of these lying around.




Listen, I'm on a roll with cherries right now, like, admittedly I don't eat a lot of cherries but my god they've definitely become a lucky charm of some sorts. And because you attract what you feel and think - also what you see - I've been seeing cherries everywhere I go: 

First, the emoji caught my attention, then on pinterest I started seeing pins of cherries, then I found this incredibly cool and vintage cherry coke t-shirt and then today I saw my neighbor who wouldn't be caught dead wearing something informal wearing a white top with  — g l i t t e r  c h e r r i e s —. I couldn't be making this stuff even if I wanted to.

So, cherries are my thing now, I guess. It's definitely given me a newfound appreciation for the color red, to say the least.

Edit: Since writing this post I've also realised I own two pair of Etude House Cherry Lip Stains. See? I told you!




Korean skincare will always hold a special place in my heart, okay? It was the gateway to the world of skincare and beauty for me. Within Korean skincare though, there's one product - the product - that will always take the cake for me, the one I will always want to come back to, probably for a good couple decades.


heimish all clean balm


Behold: Heimish All Clean Balm.

This was the first korean skincare product I ever ever tried, but it's not my favorite because of that, it's my favorite because it's so damn good I could put a ring on it. Like I'm not someone who does empties because I don't particularly use a lot of makeup or skincare products, but I emptied this thing in a little over year and am already looking to buy my second tub.

It's an oil-based cleanser - the first in the ten step korean skincare routine - and as far as I've researched, both cruelty free and vegan, the product comes as solid but turns to liquid as soon as it comes in contact with the skin and then becomes sort of this milky texture when you wash it off, so it's super easy and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all!

Definitely will repurchase once I finish my current oil based cleanser.


Cosrx low ph good morning


The second step in the routine, a water based cleanser. Mine is the Cosrx' Low Ph Good Morning, which I use almost everyday - I'm still not fully consistent with it but I try! - in combination with my Heimish All Clean Balm and I love the combination of those two together! This cleanser has tea tree as well and - although I just very recently read that tea tree dries the skin - I haven't found that to be the case at all when using this, and I have dry/sensitive skin to begin with, so that's saying something if you ask me.

The cleanser is gel-like and cool to the touch and the way I love using it most is by first covering my face with a face towel soaked in - reasonably - hot water to let my skin absorb the steam and open up my pores, then massaging in a bit of the product and then cleaning it off by putting the same face towel now soaked in - once again, reasonably - cold water to close my pores off. Because I'm still getting used to adding products to my skincare routine and to not overwhelm myself and totally ditch skincare, this is my last step before sunscreen/make-up or heading to bed, so it leaves my pores closed and my skin feeling clean and soft!

Cosrx is both vegan and cruelty free for all my friends out there who want to get into k-beauty but care for products being vegan and cruelty free. It's also currently one of my favorite brand and one that I can't wait to try more products from.


Laneige Lip Sleeping mask in grapefruit


One new product that I bought whilst on my trip to Japan - I found it in Shin-Okubo which is Tokyo's Korea-Town, and one that I was fully interested in trying after seeing so many positive reviews, was the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

Now, as someone who used to have terribly chapped lips all the time - not a pretty or sexy image - I was dying to give this a try and let me tell you folks, it did not disappoint. Although I find that the product rubs off quite easily or maybe it just absorbs insanely fast, but the point is that I don't have to spend 5 minutes every hour to reapply balm because my lips are chapped.

I don't use this very often because honestly, I'm very forgetful of it sometimes, but when I do I will always do this after double cleansing and apply a little bit of product - it comes with tiniest most cutest applicator - on my lips before going to sleep.

As a heads up, though, according to Kara, Laneige is cruelty-free but not vegan. "동물실험 안한" roughly translates into "no animal experiment" or basically "not tested on animals" but that doesn't make it vegan. If you're okay with it not being vegan but being cruelty free I'd say definitely give this a chance, and of course, if anyone knows of any cruelty free and vegan alternative please share that in the comments below c:

See you in the next post!

- Alejandra