Equal Plus



Equal Plus is an all-natural asian skincare brand - I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of Jeju Island or Bali - that is rethinking beauty and skincare by going back to basics, formulating their products only with natural ingredients that have been proven to work throughout history.

My previous work experience introduced me to asian beauty and skincare, and it was during that time that I fell in love with skincare, but not the lets put a bunch of chemicals i don't know anything about just because everyone's throwing that in their faces kind of skincare that I've seen so often from other brands, but rather the brands that are focused on using the resources that nature already has for us already. I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to avoiding chemicals and names I can't even pronounce just 'cause it's how we've always done it, that's not an excuse lol.

This is the first time in this challenge that I've had an idea based on a name instead of letting a picture inspire me, in this case, the name equal plus comes from using natural resources or even things we already produce in our body (equal) to get positive results!

P.S. Before I go, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's found me through these daily logos, it's surreal to say that I'm fully booked for the rest of the month and only have a few spots left for December before the holidays. If you have a project that you think fit my work line definitely click on the work with me link below and tell me all about your project! I am so so so excited for the work that is to come in the next few weeks and I want to continue this feeling for as long as I can <3

Picture Credit: Coline Haslé