Mr. & Mrs. Bloom's Apothecary

sieleth: mr. and mrs. bloom's apothecary

DAILY LOGO SERIES | MR. & MRS. BLOOM'S APOTHECARY | Picture Credit: Neha Deshmukh

I don't wanna knock on wood yet but like, can we please appreciate my consistency and commitment to this series? After all this time, finally. Honestly though, it's really easy to be committed when you're having a blast! For today, I made a very potter-based family brand: Mr. & Mrs. Bloom's Apothecary!

I'm just over here crying imagining this old lovey-dovey wizarding couple running this shop (they must have had the philoshoper's stone in their power back when, for sure, it's my fantasy after all) and selling all sorts of magical healing plants and having Neville drop by and help them run the store part time so they give him all this stuff discounted (and that's how he had those water-breathing things he gave Harry Potter in TGOF.) I'm running wild with this one, sorry!

Anyways, fantasies apart, for the actual design I'm using Futura PT (Typekit) and  Bellefair (Google Fonts) and went for something that had a slight vintage feel to it since they've been running this place for hundreds of years but still not old enough that it looks outdated in the current wizarding world.