Begin Again

sieleth: begin again

Picture Credit: Dantiero

I do this every once in a while, don't I? I get an idea, start blogging, and then suddenly disappear, it's my bunny in the hat trick...and also why I jokingly call myself an "internet houdini"...I just disappear, no explanations given, just gone in a poof. 

To be honest, I have been indeed busy this time. I've been working a lot, and I've improved my craft a lot as well. I want to show you how much I've improved and I want to take some personal projects as well too, you know, to give life a little bit of variety and excitement.

I've been on such a creative block with my website and what direction to take it in; having started this blog as a place to document the things that made me happy it just didn't seem like me to have one of those fancy shmancy home pages. I don't want this to become a strictly working website, I want to be able to talk to you guys and just share with you, not just show my work and bye, it's not me, it's not how I do things.

I can't promise that I'll suddenly start blogging five days a week, because I haven't done this in a long time and consistency - blog consistency especially -, is like a muscle that you have to excercise in order to develop the habit, and I don't have that habit yet, but I want to begin again with you, with this blog, and I want to get back into writing which has always made me immensely happy.

So, welcome back to the blog; here's to hoping our adventures will span many more pages.