Nina Roy: Moodboard

nina roy: moodboard

Hello my loves! I am so excited to share with you today the moodboard for Metal + Leather.

As you can see from the title though, the name isn’t Metal + Leather anymore, but Nina Roy. That is because the name is changing to better reflect the products that the brand sells. I’m really excited about the name! I like it a lot! In my mind, Nina Roy is a jewelry designer from Quebec and she’s incredibly chic and feminine.

Not only that but she’s also a conscious designer, so the brand is sustainable in its practices. I imagine that the money that she saved from keeping the store online, she invested it on setting up a small studio where she manufactures and works alongside immigrant women who previously lived on poor-living conditions. I guess the running theme here is that every fictional founder for every personal project should be a woman I’d admire in real life.

So, for this brand I’m currently considering two concepts, both of those determined by the main color palette. The first one would be to work with pink, orange and tan, the second one, would be to experiment with blues and greens. It would be different, kind of unexpected. I really have no idea at this point how the final thing would look like but I’m incredibly excited about it!


I love love love this contrast between the pink and the green/blues from PANSY! It’d be so unexpected too, don’t you think? I’ve been checking out tons of other jewelry shops and most seem to be white or beige or pink so it could be very unexpected and very cool! Trés chic, right?

Can’t wait to see how it’ll all come out and to share it with you guys! Until then! <3

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Metal + Leather

metal + leather

Hello my loves! We’re moving forwards into the second personal project of the year, this time around remaking the branding for this fictional jewelry brand called Metal + Leather.

I’m still working on this one, as I’m not sure if I’ll actually keep the name as is. I do love this logo as is right now - Romana BT seriously is such a pretty font -, but I’m not sure how sustainable/timeless it would be for a jewelry commerce. So maybe with this one I’ll draw closer to a sans-serif font, maybe Futura or Brandon Grotesque.

Much like with The Curated Woman, I’ve also given this brand a briefing. When I first made this, I imagined it as a store that sold jewelry + accessories like bags or shoes. This time around I’m keeping it just as a jewelry e-commerce so the leather part of the name kind of doesn’t make sense anymore. Because I’ve imagined a founder for this brand, Nina Roy, I might go with a name brand and do a logo based on her name. You’ll see how it ends up!

I’m thinking of doing another interactive website mockup like I did for The Curated Woman, and then I also want to experiment with packaging. I think it could be a really nice project, so please be on the lookout for the next post <3