Hi! Nice to meet you! c:

alejandra abouhamad

more about me!


my sun sign is: aquarius

i could survive on: ramen!

current jamming to: instagram by dean

currently watching: pretty noona who buys me food

i left my heart in: zojoji temple <3

something not many people know: i stream gaming on twitch


Hiii, I'm alejandra!! I'm a creative human from spain and this right here is my little corner of the internet where I share my work and snippets of my life as well as the things that inspire me.

I am a custom hand-letterer, illustrator and multidisciplinary designer that loves creating brands with a lot of love and human touch!

Sieleth, my blog, my design studio and my online moniker, was born on March 9th, 2015 and has been with me since then, evolving from an online gratitude journal - kudos to you if you've known me since then - for a masters degree project and then a blog and design studio since late 2016.

Outside of work, I love playing with my dog golfito and going on big walks with him; I'm lucky that I live in a somewhat isolated area outside the city, so I love waking up really early and going out for a walk under the sea of stars, I really could spend hours with my neck up and mouth hanging open just staring at the stars. My favorite constellation is orion, what's yours?

If I'm not with my dog, then probably I'm brushing up on my language studies which is one of my favorite non-procrastinating-y things to do. Since last year I have been studying japanese and korean and I feel like I'm on cloud nine every time I can understand a bit more of it for myself!

Last but not least, if I'm doing neither of those two things, then I might be playing video games! It's a little known fact but throughout college I was actually going in the video game designer route and I made my thesis about video games and how they can *scientifically* improve our quality of life.

It's actually from my thesis - the first iteration of it - that the name Sieleth came from! I was making a fantasy/medieval inspired world and Sieleth was one of the places in this fictional world! In the game the sieleth folks go through some hardships but in the end they make it out victorious and it stuck as my nickname whenever I went through hardships and needed that extra push of courage.