Hi there! I'm Alejandra, the creative behind the screen, and this space here is my little corner of the internet to share my work and share snippets of my life and what inspires me with you!

I'm a custom-letterer, all-rounder designer and illustrator from Spain with a strong passion for thoughtful design made with love <3

When I'm not here you can probably find me watching kdramas, singing, playing with my dog or playing video games, and I tend to be quite active on Instagram even if I'm not posting all the time.

I made this space with the intention of documenting not only my work, but the things beyond my work that inspire me and make me who I am.

There's so many different things that ignite my curiosity and creativity that I would love to share them with you, kind of like a diary, but hopefully a diary where we can update each other and connect...a co-diary, how does that sound?

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