sieleth: soul of the sea

Earlier this morning I told you guys over on Instagram that I was researching about vaginas…this is the post about ‘em…but it’s also not just about that.

See, the code name for this project is “Soul of the Sea” and I deeply believe that the soul of the sea is a woman. When thinking about what kind of woman I’d envision the soul of the sea being, I imagined her to be a strong woman, one that could adapt just as well as the sea does; mostly calm and when she is, everyone wants to be with her, but when she gets angry, you better not be in her sights. The sea is powerful, and women are powerful, too, in similar fashion.

If you dissect the phrase soul of the sea, you really end up with a trinity force of strength, adaptability and overpowering aliveness. Forces to be reckoned with, if you ask me.


the soul triad.

The first part of this trinity also belongs to another trinity, and that is: the soul triad. I think we can all agree that we are a set of three things coming together: mind, body and soul. I can’t imagine being humans of just mind and body, or soul and body, either way something is missing.

The body is what anchors us to this world, it is literally our Earth Anchor; then, our mind sits in the middle ground between our most earthly selves - our bodies - and our almost higher selves - our souls. Together they make us who we are.


THe sea. la mar.

Next up in our trinity, is the sea, which sometimes in Spanish gets called La Mar. Mostly it’s referred to in masculine form - el océano, el mar - so whoever decided to start calling it La Mar, thank you.

The sea is the bearer of all life, much like how the soul triad gives birth to us, individually, the sea is what helps make life on Earth possible. It’s what makes home, home.

I’ve always been deeply fascinated by our oceans, I think there’s a lot that we don’t know about them and about what’s going on under there, but there’s something so magical about it that pulls me to it. Just like the stars and the moon, the ocean also represents home.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been so excited whenever working on this project :P


women. womanhood.

The soul of the sea herself, and the clearest example of life bearer: Women. Source of strength, wisdom, love and life. Lest we forget: women are forces to be reckoned with.

I drew a very simple v for the pubis because I honestly don’t feel like my abstract illustration levels are up to par yet to illustrate the idea of womanhood.

Womanhood is, however, a more accurate portrayal of what I was going for. And this symbol is a tribute to women out there, my biggest source of inspiration, continuously. I’m so grateful to be a woman and that I am surrounded by so many incredible women as well.

See you in the next post!

- Alejandra


Soul of the Sea Moodboard


these textures…

It’s been a long time since the last time I felt this inspired to create something, and even longer since I’ve felt so in my zone creating something. I don’t have a real name for what “this” is yet, so I’m rolling with my good old codename system and calling this project: Soul of the Sea.

sieleth: soul of the sea

These colors…

I don’t want to outrun myself and say more than what is absolutely necessary about this project, only revealing as I make stuff.

I do know that this project is similar to my Noor Skincare project, but the biggest difference is that this time around I am sharing stuff up as I make them.

It’s less calculated, more raw, an outpouring of my creative soul that at some point will find form.

I’m really excited to show you guys this side of me! For now, you can check my dedicated instagram highlight I’ve created to share all behind the scenes of this project c:

— Alejandra


Picture credits: will update as soon as I find all respective credits!